Reconnecting Parents to Life

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Hi, I'm Winston.

A modern, intelligent, digital platform to simplify managing a household & raising kids.


How it Works


Everywhere you go, Winston is there.


Stay connected with the real people in your life.


Some things are just better automated.


Yes, let Winston do the work, go have fun!


Life is hard. Winston is not.


Hack me?? Hack you!!

Why Winston

We’re parents, too. We get it, parenting is hard.

We've all had to drink cold coffee. Some days require several outfit changes. Finding a good/reliable babysitter feels a little bit like finding a unicorn. But parenting is also the best thing you'll ever do. It's this conundrum that inspired us to make Winston. We want to take things off your plate so that you have more free time for awesome things like pajama dance parties, archery lessons, or just relishing that sweet, sweet silence.

We are a technology company that wants you to unplug. That's right. Because less screen time means more face time, and we believe that human connection is the key to happiness. So go zap that coffee and let Winston handle the rest. 

Our Team

We are busy parents who are passionate about technology. Pleased to meet you.

Matthew Perry

CEO, father, and Lego animator enthusiast. No stranger to building companies, Matt has been on the cutting edge of the mobile revolution for the past 10 years.

Prakash Teli

CTO, parent, and machine learning expert. Prakash is an executor who specializes in turning ideas into successful products and building world-class teams in the process.

Jackie Walsh

An award-winning UX ninja, Jackie has experience designing for multiple Fortune 500 companies. She likes her wireframes like she likes her climbing walls: scalable. 

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