Hi, I'm Winston.

Your super-duper fun maker


How it Works


Easy Rescheduling

Nailing down a time that works for everyone is easier with Winston.


Connect to Households

Connect with the families in your network.


Share Photos

Share playdate photos with other parents.


Easy to Use

Easier than keeping your kid out of your candy stash.


Keep Everyone Informed

The whole family knows the who, when, and where.



Nature walk? Book exchange? The playdate possibilities are endless!

Why Winston

Play — it’s the core of being a kid. It’s how they learn, grow, exercise, and build happiness. But who wants to worry about logistics when it comes to fun?

Setting up playdates can be frustrating for any parent  — Will a parent need to be there? Who does drop off/pick up? How do you figure out a time that works with everyone’s schedule? Winston is here to navigate the details so you and your child can play, stress free.

So let them search for bugs, hang onto those monkey bars, or dress up like super heroes. Winston makes playdates easy so your kid can play hard. 

Our Team

We are busy parents who are passionate about technology. Pleased to meet you.

Matthew Perry

CEO, father, and Lego animator enthusiast. No stranger to building companies, Matt has been on the cutting edge of the mobile revolution for the past 10 years.

Prakash Teli

CTO, parent, and machine learning expert. Prakash is an executor who specializes in turning ideas into successful products and building world-class teams in the process.

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