About Winston

Winston is the next generation of social platform targeted specifically for parents with young children. With a growing trend of dual working parents with young children, child rearing has become much more challenging compared to any previous generation. Winston’s goal is to develop a family-to-family social network and applications to monitor, learn and assist parents with their daily household and childcare responsibilities. Using advances in mobile technology, machine-learning and artificial intelligence, Winston aims to help parents do more with less effort and free up time to enjoy life.


Matthew Perry | CEO & Co-Founder

Matthew is a husband and father of a 9 year old boy. He is a mathematician, engineer, artist and previously co-founder & CEO of Mobients, which designed mobile apps for brands like Home Depot, Citi, Bloomberg & Samsung. Prior to Mobients he held senior technical positions at several top consultancies including Sapient. He has been on the cutting edge of both the internet and mobile revolutions and now the AI revolution.

Prakash Teli | CTO & Co-Founder

Prakash is a versatile, execution focused technologist with a proven track record of delivering innovative products and building world-class teams for startups such as Alpine Data Labs, FirstFuel Software and Quattro Wireless. Prakash’s career spans two decades including early training at world renowned AT&T Bell Labs, a decade of experience as software developer/architect/manager in financial companies such as S&P and Fidelity Investments. For the past 8 years Prakash has been working with startups such as Quattro Wireless (Mobile Advertising), FirstFuel Software (Energy Efficiency) and Alpine Data Labs (Predictive Data Analytics).